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eValid -- Success Story -- Three Tier Transaction Monitoring
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Success Story Summaries

A three-tier transaction monitor of a heavily used e-commerce site has been used to monitor delivered end-user performance statistics. Failures (after three tries) have been used to fine-tune the site to provide very fast response time in all conditions.

This heavily used e-commerce website was experiencing intermittent performance problems: because of slow end-user performance at certain times of the day customers were "clicking away" and sales were being lost.

eValid Application Description
After creating the basic script we put the monitoring activity into three-tier service. If the first try PASSes, no problem. If it didn't, the second tier kicks in. If it PASSes, no problem, but if not, eValid makes the third try.

Only after three successive FAILed tries does eValid drop into "notify" mode. In this mode, the eValid scripting automatically sends an email to the pager for appropriate network operations center person.

Results Achieved
The three-tier monitoring script runs 10 times per hour and operates over a high-speed DSL line similar to what actual users employ. Data for any test in the prior 24-hour period is accessible online. In addition, for backup and analysis purposes, all of the data for the prior 23-hour day is also available online in summary format.

In the first 90 days the FAILure rate dropped from as much as 35 reports per day -- over one per hour -- to fewer than one per week.

Customer Comments
"Thanks to eValid we've been able to run for weeks at a time and never exceed our 120 second maximum transaction time thresholds. Being able to get the eValid data has had a tremendous effect on our bottom line. We owe it all to the powerful eValid monitoring technology. --David E."