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On behalf of Financial Times (FT), Europe's foremost financial news journal, eValid website comparisons were done of 150 different financial institution's websites. The detailed data developed in the eValid scans of these websites was used to characterize likely user website satisfaction in terms of response time, quality and integrity of links, and other matters.

The Financial Times (FT) publishes a regular listing of the top 150 companies in the world, and periodically analyzes them for various performance factors. In this project, FT was interested in comparing and contrasting the quality of these companies' websites to see if there was a correlation between company size (and wealth) and the quality of the website that they offer to investors.

eValid Application Description
The raw data for this study consisted of making 150 identical runs of eValid site analysis engine, all done [for uniformity] during the business day on a dedicated 386 Kbps DSL connection to the web. The scans were done with fixed limits, e.g. maximum search depth of three levels, total length of time doing the scan less than 60 minutes, and at most the first 1000 pages scanned.

After the data was collected we created metrics that indicated a quality ranking based on the percentage of broken pages, the percentage of old pages, and the percentage of slow-to-load pages. The result was a matrix that shows which companies' web sites had the best quality, relative to the size of the company (rank in the FT-150 listing).

Results Achieved
The technical aspects delivered by eValid are described in detail at: FT-150 Site Comparison Technical Summary. This data, combined with manual impression surveys conducted by an eValid partner firm, were published by FT.