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eValid -- Success Story -- Remote Measurement & Reporting
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Success Story Summaries

A popular auction website used a specially packaged version of eValid to remote-capture detailed user behavior data. The eValid package was deployed to 1000's of field computers to obtain detailed end-user measurement of response time and performance data of how quickly the site behaved in a battery of two dozen separate tests.

This is a nearly classic case of remote measurement because the requirement was to make detailed measurements on volunteers' machines throughout a test region to determine factors such as website accessibility, speed, and delivered content quality from many types of PCs and many variations of the Windows operating system.

eValid Application Description
The challenge in this application was one of delivery and application. The goal was to configure eValid so that it would:

  1. Self-install from a batch script distributed to client computers via CD-ROM;
  2. When installed would self-execute a series of about two dozen playback tests that measure certain properties of the website being studied; and,
  3. Save the test data collected to a remote location using automatic anonymous FTP transfers.

To do this required special packaging and programming of eValid to operate as silently as possible (most tests run 100% minimized).

Results Achieved
Over a period of several months 1000's of data points using the script were generated and analyzed. Significant changes in how the candidate website was organized and presented were made, based on the field-data collected.

Customer Comments
"The information eValid provides, compared with our old way of measuring these things with an observer with a stopwatch, is incredible. It's accurate, reproducible, and the way the eValid people packaged the data was very simple to analyze. Our experiments with eValid have been a big success!" --J. N.