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Success Story Summaries

A commercial monitoring firm uses eValid transactions on commercial basis to protect customers' website investment by assuring availability and response time. The service applies 1000's of plays per day -- over 2 million tests per year -- using multiple machines and multiple levels of sophistication.

A Quality of Service (QoS) consulting and services firm needed a reliable way to generate web-based transaction records from which to determine reliability and performance statistics of 50-100 different websites.

eValid Application Description
The eValid engine was delivered under the terms of a special "pay per use" Commercial License so that the monitoring activity would be free to use as many machines in as many configurations as necessary.

Results Achieved
The eValid engine has been in service for many months and generally delivers 50,000 to 100,000 tests per month that involved up to 250,000 URL (web page) examinations per month. The data collected is kept in the eValid Standard Test Record format for easy analysis and reporting.

Customer Comments
"We have been very pleased with eValid results and also with the responsiveness of the eValid team to our technical questions. Our monitoring business is doing very well and we have eValid to thank for that." --S. Inoue