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eValid -- Success Story -- Transportation System Portal Monitoring
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Success Story Summaries

The eValid engine is being used to monitor functional behavior, to track page performance (timing), and to monitor selected content in an internal information portal application and for a public-access rail transportation scheduling and ticketing system.

The rail transportation organization has a wide variety of computerized data to which access must be provided within the geographically dispersed organization. This information is presented via a web portal, and the reliability, availability, and content correctness of the information must be monitored on a regular basis.

eValid Application Description
Commercial and regular revenue licenses are used to play back scripts on regular intervals of as short as 10 minutes and as long as hourly. A total of several dozen scripts are used. eValid playback output status is monitored using the CA Unicenter status display system, using a simple interfacing/bridge batch file that converts eValid outputs into the form needed for the display system. Overall, this monitoring installation runs over 120 tests per hour, 24x7x365, for a total of around 1 million eValid tests per year.

Results Achieved
The monitoring processes have been in continuous use for over two years without any eValid failures. Details on the number of application failures detected are proprietary, but the multiple-scripts that are used are very sensitive to technical faults.

Customer Comments
"eValid worked perfectly for us, right out of the box. And over the years we have discovered that it is the only product that continually meet and exceeds our requirements." -- Pascal L.