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eValid -- Success Story -- Monitoring Engine Integration
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Success Story Summaries

eValid has been integrated into a well-known system monitoring system to provide transaction oriented checking and timing support in addition to standard forms of network status reporting. Dozens of customers are experiencing increased quality of service (QOS) with this combined analyzing and reporting technology.

Our customer supports a monitoring and test facility based on an open-source solution. To complement their usual collection of test agents, eValid playback clients are used to collect detailed navigation, transaction, and performance data from simulated user sessions.

eValid Application Description
eValid scripts are used to navigate through a customer website (intranet and extranet), to perform actions that are similar to what a user does in terms of e-commerce, and to measure response time performance from a variety of locations.

Data from eValid, usually expressed in terms of a standard test record, are fed into the open source solution via a SQL database. In turn, critical performance data is presented to the user based on queries into the database.

Customer Comments
"Our customers and our support engineer both appreciate how easy eValid is to integrate into our system, and how quickly we get useful data that helps our customer undertand the truth about their networkstatus." --Thomas S.