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eValid -- Success Story -- Custom Browser Development
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Success Story Summaries

A firm involved in developing a sophisticated network monitoring system needed a custom "branded browser" to incorporate eValid functions into their product. eValid built a special version for them, branded to their specification and dressed with their logos. The eValid-built browser component of their product enhanced the value of their business and helped them conclude a profitable merger with a much-larger monitoring firm.

Our customer was involved in developing a very sophisticated network monitoring system that incorporated a wide range of agents for collecting network performance and health data. For routine navigational and non-routine transactional tests of intra-net sites we developed a variation of the eValid product that was fully integrated into their product.

eValid Application Description
Almost all of eValid's functions for recording and playing tests were included, but the server loading and site analysis components were not included. The rebranding we accomplished included remaking the browser face and most of the associated file material. Special, shortened documentation was also produced.

eValid Facilities Employed
This project used all of the eValid test script recording, playback, validation, and logging functions.

Results Achieved
The overall nature of the product was a state of the art level of quality, but the inclusion of a capability to record and play tests of intranet web applications was an important technological advantage.

As the result of the presence of the eValid-based custom made browser the firms attracted the attention of a number of larger monitoring firms, and ultimately concluded a very profitable merger.