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  • Browser Advantage For Testing Web Applications
  • ...behaves like a browser... The fact that eValid is a browser and will always behave like a browser is very important. When we're testing, we don't want to be spending energy understanding how our test tool is not like a browser. It's surprising how often differences arise with mainstream tools, particularly in the handling of cookies and JavaScript. eValid handles these aspects of web application testing the way you'd expect.
    --Peter Rowley, Director of Quality Assurance, CTV GlobeMedia [Canada]
    ...advantages over the other testing tools... "The very thought of having a testing tool embedded in a browser is enchanting itself. The eValid tool is really a nice and handy tool. It has certain advantages over the other testing tools: It's faster, there is no need to record any frames, windows, BaseState etc. for testing purpose. It supports HTML, JAVA, JavaScript and cookies. Also it has got some nice wizards for checking links, forms and validating text contents."
    -- Yogesh Dixit, QA Engineer, NeilSoft [India]
    ...User Interface is simple and intuitive...eValid appears unique...fully functional browser... "The eValid User Interface is simple and intuitive enough for users who do not have any real technical knowledge to be able to make recordings... [though] obviously for playback there most likely would be some editing required to turn the recording into a more robust script, but this would normally the case with any testing tool.

    For Web based testing, eValid appears unique in that it is in itself a fully functional browser, which is not a feature of any tool I have seen elsewhere."
    -- Colin Griffiths, QA Engineer [UK]

    ...testing web pages from within a browser is the only valid way... "I was thinking that 'somebody finally did it right.' I think eValid's testing web pages from within a browser is the only valid way, and the only practical way, to test a website. eValid tests a WebSite in exactly the way a user uses a website; you don't have to wonder if the test is valid. I also believe that building eValid using IE browser technology will make the web testing much more reliable."
    -- Ed Bennett, President [USA]
  • Automated Testing for Regression, Load, Performance
  • ...the ONLY automated software test tool... I can definitely say that eValid is the ONLY automated software test tool that lets us easily and effectively simulate a load based on 'real-world' users, which is critical based on our technology model. That, coupled with the easy-to-learn and understandable scripting, makes eValid the perfect choice for Finali's load and regression testing.
    --Mike Kosel, Director of Quality Assurance, Convergys [USA]
    ...automating...makes a lot more sense... I personally was very happy with the ease of use of eValid. Many automation tools out there have a difficult learning curve and by the time you are able to get a script debugged and ready to run, the content and objects on the site change. I know this because I have done browser based testing for a while and there are no tools out there that make creating and playing back scripts so easy. e-Valid definitely makes a lot more sense for automating web site testing over the more traditional, and not to mention more expensive, automation tools such as [name withheld].
    -- Harold. P. [USA]
    ...recommend eValid for load and performance testing... I recommend eValid for load and performance testing of any web based or e-commerce application!
    -- Rob Sabourin, Consultant [Canada]
  • Application Monitoring
  • ..."bottom line testing"... I've looked for years for a system like eValid. I've got plenty of capability for fine detail, but this is the first product I've seen that really does the "bottom line testing" my customers need.
    --C. D. (Monitoring Firm) [USA]
  • Runs Out-of-the-Box
  • ...easy to learn, easy to use, and yet powerful... "Every user's dream is software which is easy to learn, easy to use, and yet powerful. eValid is an excellent example of this."
    --Istvan Forgacs, Balthazar Ltd. [Hungary]
  • Simplicity of Scripting
  • ...very simple to use, very straightforward... "eValid is very simple to use, very straightforward. The script language is simple and very flexible. And, the product operation is very smooth and intuitive -- I found no kinks or rough spots as in some other load testing tools I've used."
    -- Roberto Forcen, Consultant, BroadVision [Spain] easy to use and install... "I have never worked with a tool that was so easy to use and install. For as powerful an app as it is, to be able to install and record a script in about 10 minutes is incredible! If only all test tools were that easy to use and install [as eValid] life would be much simpler."
    -- Steven Dahlmeier, Owner, eCampaigns [USA]
    ...and it only took about 5 seconds to set up!... "From what I have seen this version of eValid is really great. The much improved help, useful examples, ability to pause/step through tests and easily edit test scripts all make me want to use it and cut down the script creation time. I briefly created some scripts using the Wizard/Links to throw at our web site and it showed us a few missing links we had never seen before and it only took about 5 seconds to set up!"
    -- Joshua Kelly [Australia]
  • A Cool Tool
  • ...I like it so much... "The only new functionality in eValid I want is a longer duration license because I like it so much."
    -- Thomas Stocking, Groundwork Open Source [USA] excellent product... "I must complement you guys on having an excellent product in eValid. We are using eValid to test against work we are doing on the United Kingdom's 5th busiest site (by page impressions)."
    --Roy T. [UK]
  • Great Support
  • ...valuable addition... We appreciate all the support you've given us! eValid will be a valuable addition to our tool set!
    --Associate Director, IT Group, [University]
    ...understands what customer service really means... "I am quite happy to deal with everyone at Software Research, Inc.. It's good to know that someone out there actually understands what customer service really means. Tech Support was always very quick with responses and folks would actually call me out of the blue just to make sure all was going well. If everyone in 'software land' had this level of support, I firmly believe the world would be a much better place."
    -- Ron Horton, Supervisor QA, Ovid Technologies, Inc. (Technology Assessment) [USA]
    ...very excited to use eValid... "I can't thank you enough for all your help and understanding in explaining your product and answering my concerns and questions. I am very excited to use eValid and look forward to doing more business with your company in the future."
    -- Chris M., QA Engineer, (Video Technology) [USA]