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eValid -- Managing Browser State During Playback
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This page outlines details of how to manage browser state during playback.

Description of Problem
Because the eValid browser can, being a complete browser, maintain complete state there often are situations in which the ability of a web application to maintain state interferes with achieving reliable, repeatable playback.

Here's what it's like: You have a good recording, every action you took resulted in an entry in the script file, but when you play back the recording eValid fails to behave as it did when you made the recording. What's happened is that the eValid browser, by one of several methods and possibly by a combination of two more more of them, has "remembered" what you did the last time.

Simple Example: The simplest example is a login. If you log in using a name/password combination and don't record logging out, then immediate playback will not work: You're already logged in, so the logged-in state declines to accept re-logging in. The solution is to log in, and then log out. This returns eValid to the original state so that the playback is successful.

Here is a discussion of the main methods eValid [in fact, any browser] can maintain state, and which may cause problems in achieving reliable and realistic playback.