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eValid -- Synchronizing AJAX Applications
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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a web application implementation method that disconnects some page updating activities from the normal browser display in favor of having the "housekeeping" done by a background interaction between the browser and the server, moderated in some cases by special XML and JavaScript supplied operations.

A major difficulty in testing an AJAX application is the very nature of the implementation: it may involve asynchronous operations. In practice this shows up as a script "typing ahead" of the browser, and this kind of behavior almost always leads to loss of state information and failure of the test.

eValid has natural (automatic) and several manually augmented ways to assure synchronized playback for AJAX applications. Our experience is that one or more of these methods allows a script to play back reliably and still support full validation capabilities within the subject pages. In many cases, the built-in "natural synchronization" is sufficient.

Synchronization Method Summary
Here is a summary of available script playback synchronization methods.

Cautionary Notes
The eValid playback engine is a complex multi-threaded activity and multiple confirmations of achieving synchronization may be required in difficult cases. It is easy to be deceived by some browser and/or Windows messages. For example: "Done" is not necessarily done; "In focus" may not necessarily mean that a window is actually in focus.

In addition, autonomous actions by the browser may defeat the best natural [built in] synchronizations. Finally, you may need to pay special attention to a particular web applications' initial state.